Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mini Update

I've been a bad bunny, and not updated as often as I would have liked to. What can I say? I slid into vacation mode and it slipped off my radar a bit! So this morning while the family is still sleeping, I'll start catching up...

I left you with our Monday morning's arrival in Bermuda and the mad dash to replace Morgan's keycard before running off on our excursion. We met outside the ship to join the others and took the ferry into Hamilton. Everyone climbed onto the little pink tour bus and we were off!

It was our tour guide's first day, but he had a back-up guide who was with us, and she would constantly call out "Tell them about this, Mister....", "Don't forget about this, Mister..." It was hilarious! We ended up with a tour of both the North and South shores before we came back, and in between we went to the Bermuda Zoo, Museum and Aquarium and then the Crystal Caves. Hard to believe (ha!) but I easily took 300 pictures that day! I can't wait to return home to real highspeed internet access so that I can load them all up to share.
We ate lunch afterwards in Hamilton and then took the ferry back to enjoy some lunch on the ship & the kids made their way back to Club HAL for the afternoon.

Our days have been filled with eating, swimming, lots of walking, napping on the balcony with a good book and chatting with everyone. We've had a Canadian Meet & Mingle one afternoon, and tonight we'll all pose together in our Formal wear for a group shot.
It's amazing how relaxing everything has been, considering I don't get to sleep before midnight and I'm up at 6am (I know, it's crazy, but my body won't give up my regular wake-up routine). We've had dinner & breakfast at the Pinnacle Grill - how fabulous was that (yum). Truly, the food has been exceptional, and those who know me well know it's all about the food!

This morning we'll be doing our glass bottom boat excursion with Marika & Dominic, Nancy & her partner and parents, Maryse & her family and I think Alicia, Jim and Mickyla too. It's our final day in Bermuda and so we'll take advantage of it by visiting elbow beach as well before we depart.

I know I'm missing all kinds of things I want to share, but I'm still waking up slowly so I'll leave it at this for now.

See you online again soon!

- Caroline


Kathy (the Bloghore) said...

Remember to look for flamingos at Elbow Beach! That's the beach I went to and I have a shot of two flamingos flying overhead!! Have an awesome day!

Jen Hoover said...

glad to know that you are ENJOYING!!! ;)