Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday - Bermuda!

Monday morning, I woke up with a start at 7am and bolted straight up in bed. Right out the window (port-side), we had just come along an island with a lighthouse... we were here! I ran to the Neptune lounge and grabbed my coffee and chocolate croissants, and then bundled up in a toasty bathrobe and dragged Brent out with me onto the balcony. We finally convinced the kids to come out of bed and then snuggle/join us before room service came in.

We prepared for our morning departure, since we had a 9:20am meet time for our first excursion -- and then panic! Where was Morgan's lanyard with his keycard? They wouldn't let us off the ship without it, and I spent a frantic 15 minutes tearing our tidy suite apart to see if it could be found. Luckily the lovely ladies at the Concierge service re-issued his card...and I just hole-punched it and added it to mine. Crisis averted!

To be continued....

- Caroline

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Kathy (the Bloghore) said...

SO?? Are you loving it?? You're bringing back a whole bunch of memories for me. Don't you just love all the pink and blue houses? And the knee socks??? And the beautiful streets. We'll have to compare pictures when you come back. It's about 20 years (OMG!!) since I've been there. Wonder if it's changed much.