Friday, March 28, 2008


We made it to Manhattan -- yipppeeee! We're at the Sheraton Towers, a ginormous hotel where we're perfectly situated to walk all over the place. I found my friend Marika already and got connected.

Our bus transfer to the pier tomorrow is at 12:45, so we'll do the zoo first thing in the morning. The plan right now is to snatch something to eat and then go to the MoMA. The monsters are happily eating some Mickey D's in front of the Disney channel while Brent runs out to grab us some authentic NYC deli. I'll check in later once I've been fed... I'm practically passing out :)

- Caroline


Pascale Racette said...

Oh my God!!! It's great to follow you guys!! It's pretty fun! Can't wait for your next post!Hihi!
Have a nice trip!!

karen said...

Have a great time, Caroline! You deserve it :)