Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday continued...

Sunday morning (after I posted about my early 3am wake up) was a super busy day for me. We had only one sea day before our arrival in Bermuda and my day was chock-full of planned stamping-related activities.

My kids enjoyed the whole morning at Club HAL and then snuck in some swimming before we needed to prep for the first Formal night. My hubby bopped around keeping busy and then we all connected together around 4:30.

Formal evening was WONDERFUL (I'll get some pictures up later, as I'm posting from the laptop in the Neptune lounge, enjoying my decaf latte and no-sugar treats). There was a really heavy tilt towards the formal ware... lots of tuxes and gowns, just wonderful. The food was DELICIOUS and the bananas Foster to die for!

The kids were anxious to get back to Club HAL to see their friends so they ran up as soon as dinner was finished (7pm start) and Brent and I headed to the Vista Lounge to enjoy a spectacle that combined adage dance & acrobatics plus illusions. We knew 5 minutes into it that Morgan would LOVE this, and that we'd be back for the 10:15pm show with him. We spent the rest of the evening before the 10pm pickup from club HAL just bopping from lounges, enjoying the music wherever we went, plus chit-chatting with friends.

Serena was tired so we opted to head up to bed & a movie while the boys went off to check out the magic and ponder "how do they do that?" once again. The seas had been alternating between rough and moderate all day, but as long as I took my Bonine and grazed nonstop (hehehe), I was okay. I didn't actually roll off the bed so all was well.

I didn't even hear the guys come in around midnight so I must have been tired. I did make sure to set out the breakfast room service menu before retiring for the night, and ensuring that the blinds by the bed were open, so I could see our arrival into Bermuda.

- Caroline

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