Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Sunday Morning

Happy morning everyone!

Well, it's some ridiculous time in the morning, especially with the bump forward into Atlantic time, that it's just me and the crew up and about :)

Seas are rough, and some thing or another fell onto the floor with a big thump and I woke up. Nope, checked... not the kids or the hubby -- everyone snug in bed. I'm rocking back and forth so off to the Explorations Café for a quick email check in. What can I say? I'm an early bird :) so far I've wandered the Promenade deck in the chilly Atlantic weather and chatted with many of the friendly smiling crew.

Seas were like glass last night...wee wavelets to usher us out of NYC. The kids have been having so much fun and are being cossetted by the lovely staff in the Neptune Lounge. Brent went to the Suite Reception and chatted with the captain's wife and some other nice folk -- he enjoyed his champagne and came back quite happy. I bundled the monsters into the sofabed and they went to sleep watching "The Bee Movie" quite happily. We made an early night of things after spending the day reconnecting with many friends -- guess I'll check back in later :)

- Caroline


sarbear said...

Woo hoo Caroline!! I'll be checking your blog daily for cruise info! Have a super-fabulous time! Say hi to Dina for me :)

kimjergen said...

Hi Caroline,

Found your blog as we (my hubby, and 2 sons 10&12) will be sailing on the Noordam this Saturday out of NYC so curious about the weather, the seas, the ship, the port of Bermuda and how the kids are enjoying their time.

Hope you and yours have a terrific time, please post your daily favorites or suggestions if you have time.


Carol said...

updates pls!!!